26 April 2008

Freezer Meals or Once-a-Month Cooking

I was looking into these type of cook books for awhile. And I have had success with a lasagna recipe. A big plus with freezing it is that I don't have to cook the noodles so it is more easy to make. But, overall, this approach is not a winner for me. For a few reasons:
1) I want to cook more than once a month.
2) You have to limit some of your ingredients by what can be frozen well, and many foods just aren't the same after freezing.
3) The recipes aren't geared to how I cook. More Taste of Home type cooking. I have to retool them. Better to glean from these books the rules and then decide if the dish you make normally can be frozen.
4) Freezer space.
I think you need to be really specific about your needs and just find the recipes that work for you from there. I needed a few things in the freezer for those days I just have no energy or inclination to cook so I don't have to resort to eating out. My other need to to take some of the freezer convenience foods we eat regularly and figure out how to make them so we can make them more healthily. I'm not going to make something for the freezer that I have not already established as a regular freezer item. I'm more into my food storage mixes as convenience food.

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