19 April 2008

trail mix (for the protein)

This is a very easy, but tasty snack that I have decided to start making for myself since I have decided to not buy or cook meat anymore.

- bag of raisins
- bag of peanuts
- bag of sesame seeds

mix them all together, and it makes a tasty snack at anytime full of important protein.


cook'n'nutts said...

Does that mean you are becoming a vegetarian of some kind?
You might be interested in Kashi 7 grain Pilaf.

cook'n'nutts said...

This Pilaf was formulated to be a complete protein. It was very filling. I thought, in time, I wouold try to figure out how to make my own version, but I needed to figure it out from the original first. Matt wasn't won over on our first attempt but I'm determined to have more whole grains as part of our diet.